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One of the Best Data Tools You May Not Be Using

Have you been looking for a data visualization tool to report or showcase an account’s performance in AdWords? If you want to create AdWords reports to share with clients or managers, I highly recommend taking a look at Google’s Data Studio.

Data Studio has a lot built under the hood but I’m focusing just on AdWords integration for this post. With Data Studio you can connect an AdWords account and create a real-time AdWords dashboard. Stats can change on the fly as you manipulate date ranges. You’re busy, so below are some highlights.


You can easily create a dashboard by dragging and dropping widgets such as tables, charts, and map to help your data come alive.

  • The dashboards can be shared with clients or other managers.
  • You can create templates for multiple reports
  • You can connect individual or MCC accounts as a data source
  • You can use it for much more than just AdWords. It can be used for any data visualization.
  • Did I mention that it’s free? You can find out more about the tool here.

Are you already using this tool? If so, add your comments to this post.

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